Window Graphics

Perforated Window Cling

Perforated vinyl is a material you typically associate with vehicle wraps. It applies to the rear window and allows the driver to see outside. Those on the outside, however, only see the printed message. This technology also has applications for storefronts, offices, restaurants, and stores.

If you do not need your window glass to act as a presentation location for merchandise, a full panel wrap will make visual access into your place impossible from the outside, but you can still see out. Passersby, instead, see your advertising message. Because you can show off images of your products in larger-than-life sizing, you quickly catch the attention of shoppers.

Another option is the installation of perforated window graphics. When you do not want to lose the sunlight that streams into your location, ask for your graphics to be printed on the perforated material rather than an opaque vinyl film. Our clients like the idea that even the use of many window graphics makes it possible to see out from the interior.